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    We help clients develop strategies that leverage app analytics, user notifications, performance optimization and fresh design that attracts new users and keeps them coming back.
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    We bring to the table decades of experience and experience with the latest DevOps technologies to accelerate your development, QA and app publishing timelines.
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    We help clients identify on the most important product features, reduce process friction, work smarter, and pack more value into each deployment iteration.

Helping Clients Ship Enterprise-Grade Mobile Software

Cuvenx is a software strategy and development consultancy helping technology-enabled enterprise and mid-market companies develop state-of-the-art mobile software. We work with clients to create new revenue streams and enhance customer relationships using mobile software technologies.

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Experienced Team

We've developed solutions on every major platform from PalmOS to iOS.

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Mobile Focus

Mobile is our passion and vocation. We deliver best-in-class mobile solutions.

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Client Commitment

Your success is our purpose. We're 100% committed to successful client engagements.


Expertise we bring to client engagments


Working with your team to develop a mobile strategy to enhance user experience, increase customer satisfaction and drive app engagement.

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App Analytics
App Analytics

Identify and incorporate analytics technologies and platforms to focus your team on mobile program investment areas that deliver the highest ROI.

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Mobile DevOps
Mobile DevOps

Accelerate time to market and ensure a high quality deployment process through automated DevOps technologies and platforms.

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Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments

Increase sales and reduce cart abandonment by integrating the most convenient and secure mobile payment technologies into your mobile applications.

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Cloud Deployment
Cloud Deployment

Deploy a high-performance, fault-tolerant back-end for your mobile application using leading cloud deployment platforms.

App Store Deployment
App Publishing
App Publishing

Build and deploy mobile apps to the iOS and Android app stores. We can streamline and automate the process for you.


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You're in good company


Rob is a person that has professionalism, boldness, confidence, knowledge and vision "all-in-one", but at the same time he is "down to earth". He is an inspiring mentor for the whole staff... He has exemplified excellence..

IT Consulting Provider

Rob was always happy to provide help to the less senior team members. He is highly professional, delivers quality work on time, and is a great team player. He encourages his team without ever pushing too much. He is wonderful to work with.

National Healthcare Service Provider

Working with Rob on ‘Beginning Swift’ and ‘Professional Swift’ Courseware was one of the finest professional collaborations. Rob is a technically sound individual with a great knack for teaching through courses and learning solutions.

Global Publishing Industry